Company History

Mediquad Limited is a start-up organization. It has been certified by BCSIR. Mediquad’s aim is the development of an environmentally friendly distribution company that uses network marketing techniques to sell the product and make a meaningful contribution to the environment.

Mediquad Limited exists to support its members and to support the environment. The company also exists to distribute environmentally friendly cleaning supplies through an efficient, networking distribution system.

Mediquad Limited is striving to be a sustainable business through consistently producing quality products by empowered & motivated employees with technology where society will be benefitted. Mediquad Limited has a wide range of products of hand sanitizer, hand wash liquids, surface cleaner liquids, antiseptic liquids, toiletries brands.

Strategy and Implementation Summary


  • To create a profitable company that sells environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Design an organization that compensates individuals for sales made by other people that they recruit.
  • Design a more efficient marketing machine that does away with the inefficient traditional distribution systems.

Keys to Success:

  • Distribute only quality, environmentally friendly products.
  • Recruit new people to assist in the sales of the products.
  • Build the company on a solid basis of integrity.

Mediquad Limited will leverage their multi-pronged competitive edge of a quality product, competitive pricing, and a grassroots, non-corporate business model. These three advantages will resonate with the target market.

Mediquad Limited will have a marketing strategy that will focus on the environmentally friendly aspect of their products,

Mediquad ‘s sales strategy will focus on the high quality products offered and the ability to offer 100% customer satisfaction, ensuring a happy customer constituency.

Mediquad ‘s has identified a multi-faceted competitive edge that will assist them in their fast market penetration.

“Staying clean in order to be healthy from all sorts of virus and bacterial infections is really necessary. A professional disinfectant made with the necessary ingredients and dosages of handwash, hand sanitizer and alchoholic solution is used daily for medical, family and institutional health safety. Each MediQuad product is formulated with the best ingredients and the correct dose at the highest standard in a formula tested by WHO and BCSIR and sold at reasonable prices. Consequently, we will focus on items from MediQuad.”

MediQuad Limited

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+88 01313 720055